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The London Promenade

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The London Promenade transforms 2.5 kilometers of London’s South Bank from the Southbank Centre to Tower Bridge, into a world-class waterfront.

It is a public place for everyone - for Londoners and visitors: for walking, jogging, leisure cycling, wheelchair-users and quiet contemplation.

It is an opportunity to place people back at the heart of our greatest open space, celebrating London as a “Walking City”.

It enhances the sense of place of the River Thames, promoting healthy activity, increasing well-being and happiness.

Residents, visitors, workers and businesses will benefit from continuous access offering newperspectives of London’s historical centre.

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Unlike other world cities, London has not capitalised on its underused River Thames, at the heart of the city.

The London Promenade is the logical conclusion to the successful but partial and piecemeal improvements to the River Walk over the last decades.

Significantly enlarged, incorporating jetties and piers, over the water and under bridges, the London Promenade will benefit the capital as a whole by creating a new, accessible, major waterfront park for the 21st century.

The London Promenade will refocus attention on the River Thames and revitalise the river; define the South Bank as the cultural quarter for London and provide a spectacular and safe venue for large celebrations.

It will allow people to experience the “Illuminated River” bridges; provide space for the New Year’s fireworks to be extended to Tower Bridge, and increase visibility for events taking place on the Thames.

It will provide free public Wi-Fi, and generate most of its own electricity.

Of considerable importance will be the London Promenade’s reinforcement of London’s walking and leisure cycling aspirations, by creating the exemplar for cities designed around people.

Michael Davis

Thames Promenade Co.Ltd. (a not-for-profit company)

March 2019

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